Wall mural to promote the remodeled Manship Room at the USS Kidd. Elements from around the ship, museum, and ocean were used to create the mural. Portraits of Captain Kidd and sailing signal flags were also included to create a cohesive look that would create depth and maintain interest.
Sea spray influences plant growth and increases corrosion of building materials in coastal areas. It's this impact that we wanted to capture with the newly minted signage for The Manship Deck at The USS KIDD, a new and modern theater located within the Museum. Hand milled letters purposely left to rust in the natural elements of the Pacific Ocean, resemble a life and patina only privileged by the sea herself.
Concept Art
Exterior signage for The Manship Room at the USS Kidd Museum. The battleships designation number is 661. I used that designation number to replace the letters in Room for an integrated impactful look.
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