Growing the return on the state’s tourism marketing investment throughout all these years has required constant evolution and refinement of creative and media—an increasingly sophisticated, granular approach to identifying, targeting, and connecting with potential visitors on the constantly changing terms that they define. 
This has required strategic, creative, tactical, and analytical thinking to understand our best consumers, target them with pinpoint accuracy, and motivate them with honest messaging. 
Demonstrating an aversion to complacency as we are constantly rethinking and fine-tuning our efforts in audience segmentation, production, design, media, and messaging strategy to attract more and more visitors who possess an affinity for the unique, authentic experiences that only Louisiana has to offer.
Louisiana’s year-over-year increases have outpaced domestic travel.​​​​​​
2.47% increase
in visitors 

.78% increase
in visitor spending 

4.15% increase
in revenue 
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