In 2021, the entertainment industry generated $366 million in total expenditures in Louisiana. However, the website at the hub of this bustling commerce struggled to support the unique needs of its sectors or reflect the vibrancy of entertainment in Louisiana.
The new was tasked with serving the functional needs across film, music, live event, and software sectors while serving the unique experience that only Louisiana can provide.
Dynamic UX, immersive multimedia, and intuitive resource navigation. Based on a new brand direction, we reimagined Louisiana Entertainment’s website, elevating the brand and engaging an evolving audience. This dynamic website offers a persona-driven user experience. Upon entry, users self-identify to receive tailored content throughout the site.
Interactive tools allow producers to make informed decisions about Louisiana's entertainment environment from afar.

Incentive promotional video created to live on the new website.

"With these improvements to our Louisiana Entertainment website, we hope to provide a user experience that embodies the diversity and dynamism of Louisiana’s entertainment industry itself."
Secretary Don Pierson – Louisiana Economic Development
Louisiana was the first state to offer film industry incentives, beginning in 2002

Number of supported jobs in the LA entertainment industry in 2020

Industry sales to Louisiana businesses in 2020

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